Sea Ranch Brown Sugar

Sea Ranch Brown Sugar by Tasty Decoy

It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention, but sometimes abundance plays a part in the process, too. I was furious at myself a few months ago when I needed brown sugar to make waffles but didn’t have any…

Choose Your Own Adventure Mustard

Choose Your Own Adventure Dijon-Styled Mustard by Tasty Decoy

Homemade mustard is one of those things that you can easily whip up in the kitchen that will punch far above its weight. The best thing about making it is that there’s no single path to victory. Feel free to…

Sos Grzyby

Sos Grzyby by Tasty Decoy

The Sos Grzyby that I am familiar with was a rich and decadent affair. Usually, its made with large quantities of butter and a copious amount of sour cream for a level of tartness that usually doesn’t come bundled in…

Porcini Broth

Porcini Broth by Tasty Decoy

Living where I used to, I was rather fortunate in regards to fresh Porcini. Worst case scenario I used to score at least a few pounds when the winter rains came and the mushroom season roared into action. However, there…